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Canine Chiropractic is a very specialized area of Chiropractic.

Fully qualified university trained Dog Chiropractor.

The Animal Chiropractic Masters degree (8 years) is a significantly higher level of qualification than human only Chiropractic (5 years).

Canine Chiropractic's primary focus is on improving biomechanical functioning of the Canine Spine and related areas of the musculoskeletal system.

Fully qualified Animal- Dog Chiropractor

eight years university training 


Only Dog Chiropractor in the Australia with a

Masters degree Animal Chiropractic

RMIT university


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Melbourne Dog Chiropractor



Why see a Canine Chiropractor?

At Aligning Canine Chiropractic, we understand the importance of keeping your dog in the best possible condition. Seeing a dog chiropractor may help improve function, decrease pain, promote a higher quality of life, assist in minimizing or preventing injuries and optimize performance & a dog’s well-being.

The Canine spine is very important area of a dog. It is central to the dog’s locomotive activities including its propulsion, flexibility and the coordination of its movement.

Back and neck biomechanical joint & muscle problems are very common in dogs, perhaps as or even more common than in humans. Many breeds are particularly susceptible to joint or muscle problems, and regular sessions with a chiropractor for dogs may be beneficial at mitigating or avoiding future issues.





Unique therapeutic combination of                  Dog Joint manipulation & mobilization with Dog Muscle massage & Acupuncture !!


A Chiropractor for dogs                          -great & small

Spinal & other musculo-skeletal problems can commonly affect many breeds of dogs of varying activity levels.

They may affect companion dogs, show dogs, athletic & work dogs and those that are a combination of these.

Our pet chiropractor cares for dogs of varying sizes, breeds & lifestyles, from toy breeds such as Cavalier King Charles to larger breeds such as Spitz-type breeds & German Shepherds through to the very large Newfoundland & Bernese Mountain dogs as well as dogs of mix breed origins. 



Whether you’re entering an agility contest and need your dog to be in the best possible condition, or you’re simply looking to alleviate joint pain in an older or arthritic dog, we want to help.

Book an appointment with us today and get the help your four-legged friend needs.

Member of:

  • Australian Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia 

  • DOGs Victoria  

  • Samoyed Club

  • Chiropractic associatation of Australia 

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