Dog chiropractic joint

mobilization & manipulation


Joint mobilization & manipulation are aimed at improving joint movement and to help relieve pain, reduce muscle spasm & tightness, and to promote the health of joints.                                  

Many dog owners who have experienced low back pain, neck pain or extremities musculoskeletal problems will have consulted with human practitioners who use joint mobilization and manipulation, and are keen to seek similar help for their dogs

Joint manipulation & mobilizations are some of the most effective therapies for the treatment of biomechanical musculoskeletal problems.

These therapies are also very well regarded in the dog world, at times almost having a legendary status. 

There has been a vast amount of research supporting the clinical impact & effectiveness of spinal and extremities manipulative and mobilization therapy by all the manual therapy professions.


Some of the therapeutic aims of joint mobilization & manipulation include:

  • Improved joint movement
  • Improved joint biomechanical function
  • Reflex muscle relaxation
  • Improved muscle function
  • Improved joint motion & flexibility
  • Sports injury minimization / prevention
  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Enhanced sense of wellbeing

At Aligning Canine Chiropractic we place an emphasis on the gentler styles of joint mobilization and manipulation that are adapted to the individual dog, its breed, preferences, and the condition being treated.

We also integrate spinal and extremity mobilization & manipulation with soft tissue  massage / techniques , as these often complement each other and support enhanced therapeutic results.


Conditions  treated :
  • Back (lumbopelvic) problems
  • Mid-back (thoracic) problems
  • Neck (cervical) problems
  • Osteoarthritis-joint degeneration
  • Joint tightness / motion restrictions
  • Muscle tightness & pain
  • Lameness / limping
  • Hip & gluteal problems
  • Shoulder problems
  • Sciatica & brachial neuralgia