Dr Shane Watterson (Chiro) Profile

Masters (Animal Chiropractic) RMIT university 

Grad.Dip. (Animal Chiropractic) RMIT university

B.App.Sci.(Human Chiropractic) RMIT university


Dr Shane is the only Human Chiropractor in the world with a Masters degree specifically in Animal chiropractic.

He is also one of the few Animal Chiropractors world wide, focused almost entirely & specifically on dogs- meaning his on-going experience & training are focused dogs.

Shane has had a passion and love of dogs since childhood, his first dog being a white fluffy Poodle, later a beautiful Samoyed and two fantastic German Shepherds.


Dr Watterson is both a fully qualified:

  • Canine chiropractor 
  • Human chiropractor


Canine Chiropractic is specialized area of Chiropractic, it is a significantly higher level of qualification than Human Chiropractic alone.

Dr Watterson has the equivalent of Masters degree in Human Chiropractic and an additional Masters degree in Animal Chiropractic.

All up eight years of university training to become an Animal Chiropractor at Masters degree level & this is combined with over twenty-nine years experience in the field of Spinal & musculoskeletal care.

While over the past decade Shane has focused specifically on the care of dogs. He has also treated & studied a very wide range of species from humans, horses, alpacas, cats, farm animals to marsupials-such as rescued kangaroos & koalas at Animal shelters. 


Time line:

  • First Animal Chiropractic treatment was given in 1987.
  • Graduated as a Human chiropractor in 1989-RMIT uni.
  • Commenced Canine chiropractic formal training and treating early 2007.
  • Graduated with Distinctions from post graduate Grad. Dip Animal Chiropractic RMIT uni. 2008.
  • Graduated from Masters Animal Chiropractic RMIT uni. 2010, thesis awarded a High Distinction.
  • Completed Herbal Medicine for Companion Pets / dogs nctm in 2013
  • Animal acupuncture course-AAA 2014 with more advanced study in 2018
  • Canine Rehabilitation course D.i.M completed in 2018  


Fully qualified Animal Chiropractor

8 years university training


Masters degree in Animal Chiropractic

only human chiropractor in Melbourne with this qualification


Fully qualified & registered Human Chiropractor 


Very experienced & passionate

about caring for the spinal & musculoskeletal needs of Dogs