Dr Shane Watterson Profile

Dr Watterson is a fully qualified:

  • Canine chiropractor
  • Human chiropractor
  • Equine chiropractor
  • Marsupial chiropractor

Dr Watterson is currently the only Human Chiropractor in the world with a Masters degree in Animal chiropractic. Dr. Watterson has had a passion and love of dogs since childhood, his first dog being a white fluffy Poodle, later a beautiful Samoyed and two fantastic German Shepherds.

Canine Chiropractic is specific area of Chiropractic, it is a significantly higher level of qualification than Human Chiropractic alone.

Dr Watterson has the equivalent of Masters degree in Human Chiropractic and an additional Masters degree in Animal Chiropractic. All up 8 years of university training & over 23 years experience in the field of Spinal & musculoskeletal care.

Time line:

  • First Animal Chiropractic treatment was given in 1987.
  • Graduated as a Human chiropractor in 1989-RMIT uni.
  • Commenced Canine chiropractic formal training and treating early 2007.
  • Graduated with Distinctions from post graduate grad. Dip Animal Chiropractic RMIT uni. 2008.
  • Graduated from Masters Animal Chiropractic RMIT uni. 2010, thesis awarded a High Distinction.

All up since commencing the Human Chiropractic program in 1984
Dr Watterson has some 29 years in the field of Spinal & musculoskeletal care