Conditions Treated


Regions & Conditions Treated


  • Low back pain,
  • Mid-back pain (including Withers)
  • Neck pain
  • Hip & other hind limb regions
  • Elbow & other forelimb regions
  • Joint & muscle problems-sprains & strains
  • Arthritis & disc degenerative problems
  • Recovery & rehabilitation from musculoskeletal injury & trauma
  • Post surgical (spinal & MSK) recovery & rehabilitation
  • Some forms of Lameness & gait changes


In many cases a dog suffering from joint biomechanical and muscle problems may not actual show any discernible signs or symptoms-given they can't actually talk they can not directly tell you they are in pain and have a problem.

This is one of the reasons why it may be a good idea to have your dog regularly checked by a Canine Chiropractor for functional joint biomechanical and muscle problems.


The above list is only are guide and is not exhaustive. Spinal & MSK problems can present with many varied signs and symptoms, some sublet and others more overt.

Also in regard to signs & symptoms listed above, while these may related to spine & other musculoskeletal biomechanical & muscular problems as treated by a Canine Chiropractor, they may also relate to or be caused by a number of other health and behavioral problems, some of which may require urgent veterinary attention.

A Canine Chiropractor will remained mindful and aware of other health issues (alternate / differential diagnosis) such as internal veterinary & Orthopaedic veterinary problems.